Logbook Services

When you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides a warranty which will cover the cost of most mechanical failures for an extended period of time. A provision of keeping this warranty valid is that you have this vehicle regularly serviced by a certified mechanic, and that these services are recorded in the vehicle's logbook. Logbook services are also useful if you're planning on selling your vehicle, as a well maintained logbook will increase your vehicle's resale price. Logbook services also extend your vehicle's lifespan, as regular maintenance will reduce the risk of major faults and failures, and catch anything that needs taking care of before it develops into something critical.

Here at MotaFit we can provide logbook services for all:

  • Petrol vehicles
  • Diesel vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles

To book a logbook service with us, contact us today!

Steering and Suspension

While mainly thought of as important for comfort, the suspension is actually responsible for maximising the traction that the tyres provide for your vehicle. If your suspension isn't functioning then your stopping distance will be dramatically increased, which could mean the difference between an emergency stop and an accident.

At MotaFit we can fix the following suspension components:

  • Power steering
  • Shock absorbers
  • Coil springs
  • Bushing replacement
  • Tension bars
  • Sway bars

If your suspension needs repairing, get in touch today!


Your vehicle's drivetrain consists of some of the most complex and intricate pieces of machinery in the vehicle, and therefore faults and failures tend to develop quickly into some of the most damaging problems and costly repairs. If you notice a burning smell coming from under the bonnet, or a clunking noise when you change gears, your vehicle might have a problem with its transmission.

MotaFit can provide the following drivetrain services:

  • Clutch repairs and services
  • Automatic and manual transmission repairs and services
  • Slip differential repairs and services

If you've noticed any problems with your transmission, talk to us today!

Radiator and Cooling System

If your vehicle is overheating it will not only reduce your fuel efficiency, but also your engine's lifespan, as the head gasket, pistons and cylinders are all damaged when your vehicle is running too hot. If your thermostat fails this could even happen without your knowledge.

Here at MotaFit we can help with most aspects of your cooling system, including:

  • Head gasket replacement
  • Heater unit repair or replacement
  • Radiator repair or replacement
  • Thermostat check and replacement

If your vehicle is overheating, contact us today!

Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

Automotive electricals determine a myriad of different factors in modern cars, security, fuel efficiency, anti-skid braking, to making sure your vehicle starts when you turn the key. Here at MotaFit we can help you with the following auto electrical problems:

  • Alternators and starter motors
  • Battery testing and replacement
  • ECU testing and repair or replacement
  • Diagnostics - drive in for a free basic diagnosis!
  • Lighting systems
  • Body electrics
  • Central locking systems
  • ABS and traction and stability control

If you've been guiltily avoiding looking at the check engine light, get in touch today!

Brake Services

The brakes are the most important safety feature your vehicle has. While other safety systems mitigate the damage of an accident, your brakes are the only safety system that can prevent an accident altogether. If your brakes are feeling spongy and unresponsive, or you just can't remember the last time you had them checked, please, for the safety of yourself and your passengers, get them checked soon.

MotaFit's experienced mechanics provide the following brake services:

  • Brake component repair and replacement
  • Brake component machining
  • Brake fluid leak check
  • General brake service

If you think your brakes need checking, talk to us today!

Tyres and Wheels

Worn tyres produce a lot less grip and traction, especially in wet weather, which could lead to danger for you and your passengers if you end up skidding or crashing due to increased stopping distance. Your wheels affect your steering, and poorly aligned wheels will also increase tyre wear in addition to loss of control.

Here at MotaFit we provide tyres for all makes and models and can have them fitted, balanced, and aligned upon request.

If your tyres are developing a bald spot, contact us today!

Other Services

At MotaFit we can also help you with:

If you need a service that you couldn't see listed above, don't hesitate to get in touch today!

  • All services come with a six month roadside auto assist
  • Injection systems
  • Windscreens repaired or replaced
  • All fuel pumps repaired or replaced for all vehicles
  • Pick up and drop off services for the local area